Galaxy on Demand

Galaxy on Demand offers up to 30 credits of AAPA Category 1 CME on topics like orthopaedic rehabilitation techniques, splinting and casting, fracture management, radiographic analysis, and more. This is the perfect course if you are new to orthopaedics or want to transition into it.

CME on Demand

Missed or want more of AAPA's top live conferences? We have the solution: CME on Demand.

Boot Camp on Demand

Get a broad foundation on commonly encountered diagnoses in hospitalized adult patients with Boot Camp on Demand. Earn up to 34 AAPA Category 1 CME credits from anticoagulation reversal to the management of acute GI hemorrhage and more, all on demand.

AAPA CME Accreditation

The AAPA Category 1 CME approval logo and language let PAs know the activity is appropriate for the PA learner and will count toward their CME requirements for national certification and state licensure.

Category 1 CME for Live Activities

For AAPA purposes, a live event is a group-based activity held at a fixed date and time in which participants interact with one or more faculty.

Category 1 CME for Self-Assessment

Providers may use this new application type for activities that supply learners with a mechanism to conduct a systematic review of their own performance, knowledge base or skill set.