Category 1 CME for Live Activities

Definition: For AAPA purposes, a live event is a group-based activity held at a fixed date and time in which participants interact with one or more faculty. Within this type, there are several subtypes:

  • Live Conference – Activities presented in-person such as annual meetings, conferences, seminars, courses, formal lectures and workshops all fall within this category. The length of the activity is immaterial; it could be one half hour or one week long. Weekly, monthly, or quarterly series intended only for your staff (such as grand rounds), may qualify for the Regularly Scheduled Series request type.
  • Live Webinar – These activities are presented online and begin and end at a particular date and time. Live webinars must have one or more faculty available for questions during the activity; participants cannot access the activity after faculty departs. For always-available online activities, such as recorded webinars, see the Enduring Materials request type.
  • Live Teleconference – If faculty present material via the phone at a fixed date and time and are available during the activity, we term it a “live teleconference.”
  • Residencies and Fellowships – Faculty led post-graduate programs also fall under the category of live activities. Typically 50 credits are requested, though you may request any amount.

Accreditation Period:  The duration of the event OR one year, if the application indicates that the same faculty will present identical content multiple times within a 12-month period.

Type of Credit Issued:  AAPA Category 1 CME credit

Eligibility Criteria

The activity must comply with AAPA CME Criteria. (PDF)

      • In particular, educational materials that are part of the CME activity must exclude product-specific advertising, promotional logos or slogans.
      • Activities that occur next to or during a promotional event where any form of entertainment (such as cocktails or dinner) are covered by a commercial interest are not eligible for AAPA Category 1 CME credit.
    1. You must screen faculty and planners for any relationships with relevant commercial interests and resolve any conflicts of interest in advance of the activity.


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