Category 1 CME for Hospital and Health-System Quality Improvement

Definition: Hospitals, health systems, clinics, medical schools and other duty-of-care providers with quality improvement activities with participating PAs can get their projects approved for AAPA Category 1 PI-CME credit. The organization should apply as the CME provider and award credit to PAs who participate in the activity. This model is most relevant when a whole team is involved, and more than one PA participates. Hospital and Health System QI activities approved for AAPA Category 1 PI-CME credit satisfy Improvement Activities Requirements for MIPS.

Accreditation Period:  Up to one year.

Type of Credit Issued:  AAPA Category 1 PI-CME credit

Eligibility Criteria

  1. The activity must comply with AAPA CME Criteria (PDF).
  2. This request type is only available to hospitals, health systems, clinics, medical schools, and other duty-of-care providers.
  3. The quality improvement project must have PA participation.
  4. The application must include the following:
  • Project goals
  • Quality improvement methodology
  • Project time frame
  • Criteria for level of participation required to receive CME credit
  1. At the end of the accreditation period, the CME provider must provide a project summary to include information on participation, baseline data, interventions, results achieved and lessons learned.

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