Student Academy President Appoints Student Board Committee Members

37 PA students appointed to volunteer roles

September 23, 2019

Student Academy President Cooper Couch appointed 37 PA student volunteers to the Student Board Committees. These opportunities empower PA students to develop their leadership and volunteer skills while in PA school.

In 2014, the Student Board established four of the five standing Student Board Committees to better manage the work of the Student Academy and to provide more focused opportunity for student volunteer engagement. In 2018, the Student Governance Committee was added to bring the Student Academy Policy Manual into compliance.

The Student Board Committee charges are determined by resolutions passed at the 2019 Assembly of Representatives (AOR) meeting. Each committee is comprised of a chair, an adviser, at least one Student Board representative and multiple volunteer student committee members. The framework closely mirrors that of AAPA’s Commissions and the work they undertake.

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The following students will hold their positions until June 30, 2020.

Advocacy & Policy Committee

Chair: Amy Liang, Pace University, NY

Board Representatives:

  • Kaci Hardsock, Student Academy Chief Delegate, Monmouth University, NJ
  • Jacob Gooden, Student Academy Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, Jefferson University-East Falls, PA


  • Carly Moss, George Washington University, DC
  • Colin Jenks, University of Colorado, CO
  • Emily Nettesheim, Butler University, IN
  • Emmaline Mauritson, University of Southern California, CA
  • Hanna Kluth, University of Oklahoma, OK- 2019-2020
  • Jeniece Montellano, George Washington University, DC
  • Josh Loew, Student Academy Director of Outreach, St. Catherine University, MN
  • Kiarash Rahamanian, Duke University, NC
  • Laura Abell, University of North Texas, TX

Advisor: Paula Miksa, PA-C, Student Academy AAPA Graduate Advisor, SC

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Communication & Outreach Committee

Chair: Annie Yang, Student Academy Director of Student Communications, University of Southern California, CA

Board Representatives:

  • Jamie Pepi Shelstad, Student Academy PA Foundation Student Representative, Bethel University, TN
  • Ashton Ogle, Student Academy Northeast Regional Director, Sacred Heart University, CT


  • Adanna Hackett, Lynchburg College, VA
  • Christina Rutherford, SUNY Upstate, NY
  • Garrett Smigelski, Wayne State University, MI
  • Heather Trattner, Saint Louis University, MO
  • Kiara Redmon, Texas Tech University, TX
  • Megan Belanger, Emory University, GA
  • Meghan McGrath, Rutgers University, NJ
  • Sydney Adams, Jefferson College, VA
  • Vincenzo Julian, Yale University, CT
  • Virginia Fielhauer, University of Detroit Mercy, MI

Advisor: Paula Miksa, PA-C, Student Academy AAPA Graduate Advisor, SC

Leadership Committee

Chair: John Cuenca, South Central Regional Director, University of Texas Medical; Branch, TX

Board Representatives:

  • Katie Lukovich, Student Academy North Central Regional Director, University of Detroit Mercy, MI
  • Will Kabrich, Student Academy Southeast Regional Director, Wake Forest University, NC


  • Bailey Buhr, University of Colorado, CO
  • Corinne Benson, Touro University, CA
  • Daniel Mulcahy, MCPHS-Boston, MA
  • Delilah Dominguez, Quinnipiac University, CT
  • Michael Farran-Brown, University of Kentucky, KY
  • Menerva Lobe, University of Utah, UT
  • Morgan McMahon, Stanford University, CA
  • Sarah Knop, DeSales University, PA
  • Travis Laverne, Drexel University, PA

Advisor: Jon Kilstrom, PA-C, Student Academy PAEA Graduate Advisor, NE

Service Committee

Chair: Betsy Dunbar, University of Colorado, CO

Board Representative: Lauren Trew, Student Academy Western Regional Director, University of Washington Medex-Spokane, WA


  • Anthony Shaheen, Methodist University, NC
  • Cammy Huynh, Shenandoah University, VA
  • Catherine Kistler, Yale University Online, CT
  • Eleanor Pittinger, Towson University, MD
  • Ken Lowry, Yale University Online, CT
  • Mike Gumpert, Jefferson College, VA
  • Michelle Karp, Lipscomb University, TN
  • Yue Jiang, Baylor College of Medicine, TX

Advisor: Jon Kilstrom, PA-C, Student Academy PAEA Graduate Advisor, NE

Student Governance Committee

Chair: Cooper Couch, Student Academy President, University of Southern California, CA


  • Bess O’Keeffe, PA-C, VA
  • Bradley Cundiff, George Washington University, DC
  • Kaci Hardsock, Student Academy Chief Delegate, Monmouth University, NJ
  • Katie Ganser, Student Academy President-elect, University of Colorado, CO
  • Kristen Schoenike, George Washington University, DC
  • Jamie Sabo, University of South Carolina, SC

Advisor: Paula Miksa, PA-C, Student Academy AAPA Graduate Advisor, SC

These committees will report their accomplishments to the student membership at the AOR meeting in Nashville in May 2020. Read more about the Student Board Committees and learn more about other Student Board leadership and volunteer opportunities.

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