EHR Usage Among PAs

Read more about the findings from the 2018 AAPA PA Practice Survey on PAs use of EHRs. PAs often cite Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems as a barrier to work-life balance. Despite many benefits, PAs also view EHRs as a new bureaucratic part of healthcare that causes additional workload for PAs and other medical providers.

Bibliography & Resources

AAPA has created a variety of bibliographies on the PA profession. Find these, and other resources from the past six years, here.

Updated National PA Research Agenda

The development of AAPA National PA Research Agenda not only outlines the strategic direction and priority areas for future PA research but also serves as a platform for all PA researchers and research leaders across the PA profession to bring together in one stage and conduct systematic PA focused research in a coordinated manner.

Policy Guide on Data Collection, Access and Ownership

The role of AAPA Research is to provide research and data to support the AAPA Strategic Plan and yearly Operating Plans. When aligned with the AAPA Strategic Plan, yearly Operating Plans, and resources are available, AAPA Research will also provide support to members, external researchers, and other stakeholders. This AAPA Policy Guide provides the general…