How a Childhood in Bosnia Inspired This PA’s Career

Jasmina Salcinovic-Spahic, DMSc, MMSc, MHA, PA-C, DFAAPA grew up in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and lived there through the Bosnian War. Her childhood experiences inspired her to pursue a career in medicine after her family emigrated to the United States.
A child poses with medical education resources

PA Foundation Helps Student and University Support Honduran Village

At East Carolina University’s PA Program, Tori Woodward, PA, and Kim Stokes, PA-C, collaborated to lead an interprofessional medical team to Taulabé, Honduras. With support from the PA Foundation, they were able to deliver medical education and provide healthcare.
Joel Ciolek headshot

A Day in the Life of a PA in Ophthalmology

Joel Ciolek, MSPA, PA-C, is one of 80 PAs practicing in ophthalmology. He enjoys looking into someone’s eyes for a living and preserving and restoring vision. He describes a typical day doing comprehensive, medical retina, and vitreoretinal surgery.
Adkins with the donated and fundraised tablets

Dancing PA Donates Over 300 Tablets to Area Hospital

You know Tony Adkins, MPH, PA-C, MCHS, as the ‘Dancing PA.’ But he does much more than dance. When he realized that COVID-19 patients were being admitted to the hospital without ways to communicate with their families, he stepped in to help.
Saibatu Mansaray headshot

PA Saibatu Mansaray Thrives in High-Pressure Situations

Saibatu Mansaray, PA-C, immigrated to the U.S. from Sierra Leone nearly three decades ago. She has since cultivated an illustrious PA career, served in the military, led humanitarian missions, and even worked in the White House. Despite her long list of honors and accolades, she never forgot where she came from.