PA Soccer Referee Finds Work-Life Balance

PA Ekaterina Koroleva officiates soccer games for at the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) and consults on cases involving senior citizens’ potential visits to the ER to add up to “living her dream” through an “accessible and balanced life.”

Transplant Surgery PA Helps Turn Tragic Endings into New Beginnings

Giving someone a second chance at life is an extraordinary opportunity. And even though she’s done it well over one thousand times throughout her career, Georgeine Smith, lead PA of transplant surgery at the Penn Transplant Institute, says each case is uniquely rewarding.

PAs Take Pride in Improving Access to Care for LGBTQ Patients

Three PAs who have focused their careers on caring for LGBTQ patients discuss the current state of healthcare for this patient population, the need for continuing education, the challenges some LGBTQ patients face, and the opportunities available for PAs to help.

Treating Patients with Long COVID: A New Frontier for Providers

PA Jaclyn Owens and NP Joanna Ellis are regularly caring for patients experiencing post-COVID symptoms. They talk about navigating treatment while still learning about these symptoms and why APPs are critical in providing much-needed care and support to these patients.
A child poses with medical education resources

PA Foundation Helps Student and University Support Honduran Village

At East Carolina University’s PA Program, Tori Woodward, PA, and Kim Stokes, PA-C, collaborated to lead an interprofessional medical team to Taulabé, Honduras. With support from the PA Foundation, they were able to deliver medical education and provide healthcare.

Boston PA Helps Safeguard the Homeless Through the Pandemic

The lifestyles typical of those experiencing homelessness enables COVID-19 to spread more quickly and easily than within more isolated populations. At the onset, Harrison Keyes, PA-C, of the Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program, made significant changes in his outreach efforts.

PA’s Immigrant Parents Inspire His Career in Critical Care

Omar Razack, PA-C, is the child of immigrants. This fact has guided his whole life – from the West Indian culture he grew up with, to the work ethic his parents instilled in him and his triplet sisters, to his PA career in critical care.