Dana Urban with her classmates

PA Inspires Patient to Follow in her Footsteps

Dana Urban has known she’s wanted to be a PA since she was 12 years old. In 2005, she met Amanda Asaro, MPAS, PA-C, who was part of her healthcare team. Asaro’s compassion, kindness, and care made a lasting impact on her patient.
"Tell us what you're most proud of from the last 10 years of your career." text graphic

Looking Back: PAs Share Personal Triumphs from 2010s

AAPA wanted to check in with PAs and PAs-to-be about their experiences in the 2010s. So, we asked them on social media about their proudest accomplishments and biggest career breakthroughs and here are a few of the responses.
Christina Strauss, Brianna Hearle, and Amanda Dobil at their graduation at Quinnipiac University

For Two Sets of Triplets, the PA Profession was an Easy Choice

Triplets Christina Strauss, Brianna Hearle, and Amanda Dobil, as well as Kirby, Casey, and Lindsey Graham, all decided to become PAs. They talked to AAPA about why they chose the profession and how they have supported each other in their PA programs.