Grantee Spotlight: Empowering Women through Nutrition Education

PA and registered dietitian Erin Sherer shares her experience in developing a program designed to educate Colombian women on how they can improve their family’s health and overall well-being. The Nourishing Futures Nutrition Education Program was created in partnership with Proyecto Florecer, a non-profit located in Medellín, Colombia, with funding from the PA Foundation’s Global Outreach Grant Program.

PA Martine Altieri Brings an Obesity Medicine Clinic to Her Cardiology Patients

When applying for a position in cardiology, PA Martine Altieri expressed interest in starting an obesity medicine clinic for cardiology patients. Now Altieri, who is also a co-host of the JAAPA podcast, is focused on building up this clinic, as well educating as many PAs as possible about obesity medicine and more.

Nutrition Supports Immune Health

Abbott, a trusted nutrition partner of AAPA, provides resources and science-based nutrition products with nutrients to help support patients’ immune health.

Nutrition Resources Help Serve Diverse Communities

Select PAs participating in the PA Foundation’s Nutrition Outreach Fellowship have benefited from the program’s training and materials to educate patients with limited knowledge of nutrition and its impact on chronic disease. Five of the Fellows shared lessons learned with AAPA.
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Holiday Eating Tips? You’ve Got This!

Holidays can be challenging for those who want to maintain their weight. Don’t let available holiday treats detract from overall healthy eating goals – yours or your patients! AAPA asked the PA Foundation’s Nutrition Outreach Fellows to share their best tips and tactics.
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5 Tips for Better Patient Nutrition Counseling

PAs are in a unique position to be leaders in nutrition management on behalf of their patients. Addressing nutrition in sensitive ways can have a significant impact on patients’ health. Here are five tips for PAs as they counsel patients on nutrition.
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Unlocking the Value of Nutrition in Your Practice

Abbott Nutrition recently cited PAs’ important role in nutrition care and in supporting healthcare metrics and key performance indicators that are critical for patient health. Matthew Wright, MS, PA-C, RD, commented on the research, nutrition care upon hospitalization and discharge, and calls to action for PAs.
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PA Foundation Announces Nutrition Outreach Fellows

The PA Foundation recently selected 40 PAs from across the country to be a part of the new Nutrition Outreach Fellowship. Through the fellowship, PAs will receive special training and resources on nutrition to both enhance their clinical practice and to give back to their healthcare peers and the community at large.