Job Market for New Grads

U.S. News & World Report declared the PA profession the #1 Job in the U.S. for 2021 -- but what does that really mean for the new grad job market? Get our analysis of the trending PA specialties, geographies, and trends in PA salaries among PAs with 0-2 years of experience as informed by AAPA research.
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Guide: Cover Letters

A well-written cover letter is an effective way to introduce yourself and your work to prospective employers and spark their interest in meeting you. Cover letters should be concise, lively, and tailored to each position for which you apply.
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Guide: Resumes and CVs

Use our guides to determine whether you need a resume, a CV, or both. Whichever you choose, these essential career documents should be straightforward and specific, convey your achievements to potential employers, and show how you fit the role and experience they are seeking in a PA.