Degree Pathways

Is your goal to earn an advanced healthcare degree or certificate? This program offers a soft entrance into pursuing an academic degree/certificate by completing pre-requisite coursework specific to PA and NP practice.

CHLM Transition FAQs

Home CHLM Transition Frequently Asked Questions   What is CHLM? CHLM stands for the Center for Healthcare Leadership and Management and was started six years ago by AAPA. The division offered a wide range of professional development resources to foster PA and NP leadership and management in the healthcare setting. It also hosted the annual […]

Three Steps to Making a Non-Clinical Career Move

The PA profession offers unique latitude and flexible employment opportunities across the medical spectrum. For those PAs interested in non-clinical career options, Jennifer Hohman, founder of PA Career Coach, offers tips and ideas for your next steps.

Changing Specialties

Learn about the educational resources that are available to help you switch from one specialty to another.