Resources for a Rewarding PA Career

To help practicing PAs to navigate patient relationships well, AAPA has developed ethical guidelines for the PA profession that offer a framework for your decision-making and confidentiality in the internet age.

The Balancing Act

Having the right work-life balance can reduce stress for medical professionals as well as increase on-the-job focus, resulting in high job satisfaction and career success, healthier patients—and a healthier provider. However, maintaining that balance can be more daunting than ever before for those in healthcare.

Take Time for Your Patients and Yourself

Jay Somers, MA, PA-C, DFAAPA, is an accomplished PA leader and owner of an outpatient psychiatric practice in Las Vegas. He recently sat down to host a Huddle Ask Me Session on mental health and answered questions about this important medical field.

Strategies for PAs to Prevent Burnout

While work/life balance will always be provisional and imperfect, it is worth seeking; it is essential PAs take care of themselves to prevent professional and personal burnout.

Provider Burnout and the Risk of Malpractice

Healthcare provider burnout is prevalent, and awareness of this serious issue is expanding. Studies have shown that over half of physicians in the United States admit to having at least one of its signs or symptoms.