Constituent Organization Awards

The 2017 Outreach and Advocacy award winners were announced and presented during the Constituent Organization Leadership Forum at AAPA Conference 2017 in Las Vegas on May 17.

The Importance of Attending Regulatory Meetings

State chapters should send an observer to each meeting of the agency that regulates PA practice. If a state has a PA Advisory Committee to the medical board, the chapter should ensure that an observer is present at both the meetings of the advisory committee and those of the medical board.

Brand Your Own CO Career Center

AAPA’s partner, YourMembership, who manages AAPA’s PA JobSource, will build your CO branded career center at no cost to the CO! The center will be integrated into your website and showcase PA jobs in your geographic area or specialty.

Is It Time for a Constituent Organization Checkup?

The summer months make us think of annual physicals and sports participation certificates for our children. But what about your constituent organization? Is it healthy and ready to participate in strenuous exercise? Perhaps a constituent organization checkup is in order.