There is Power in Authorship

Don’t let the hard work you poured into improving your state PA practice act be undone by lousy administrative rules. Major amendments to state laws – especially those that modernize the PA practice act – almost always require an update to the PA regulations.

What’s an LPN to do?

December 2015 The healthcare landscape is constantly evolving and expanding access to care for patients. Sometimes laws and regulations don’t keep up with these changes – and it’s not always the obvious areas of laws and regulations, like your state’s PA practice act, that need changing. One such area is within the healthcare team –…

Enacting the Model State Legislation

As many state legislatures wind down, it’s time start thinking about implementing the revised Model Law in your state in 2017. Strategy for implementation will vary from state to state, based on a variety of factors, including CO capacity and external support.

Incorporate AAPA’s Issue Briefs into Your Advocacy

September 2016 AAPA is constantly creating and updating resources and materials for COs to utilize in their advocacy efforts. When visiting with a legislator or regulator, you’ll want to leave behind literature to reinforce the issues important to the PA profession. The next time you have a hill day, host a legislator, or attend a…