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Associate Membership

Membership – $200/year

As an associate member, you have access to most of AAPA’s benefits and services. Associate members are representatives of businesses that sell products or services to PAs or individuals employed by government agencies who do not qualify for any other membership category. Associate members are not entitled to privileges of the floor of the AAPA House of Delegates, may not vote or hold office, and do not have access to Huddle, our online members-only community.


AAPA Associate Member Benefits

State PA Laws and Regulations

Stay up to date on laws and regulations that affect you.

CME Central & Learning Central

Explore what’s available in CME Central and earn 500+ credits of AAPA Category 1 CME in Learning Central.


Get access to AAPA’s monthly clinical journal, with CME in each print and digital issue.

AAPA Medical Watch

Keep up with our members-only daily clinical email alert, straight to your inbox each morning.

Additional News

Visit News Central, your home for PAs and AAPA in the news and more.


Earn discounts on clinical tools, career resources, financial offers, insurance, and travel and lifestyle services.

Join AAPA as a associate member and put the power of AAPA to work for you today.