National Health Priorities

Let’s Build a Movement
for Healthier Bodies and Minds

PAs are on the front lines of patient care every day, using their medical training, education, and experience to address our nation’s toughest health challenges. Yet, success requires a group effort.

Learn how AAPA and the PA Foundation are bringing together PAs and partners to move the needle on our National Health Priorities. Together, success is within reach.

Our Priorities: Making a Difference for Preventable and Treatable Medical Conditions

Today, we face numerous health epidemics affecting both body and mind, and the human, economic, and societal costs are real. AAPA, the PA Foundation, and the PA community are committed to working with our partners to improve patient health in four priority areas responsible for many of the life-threatening conditions affecting Americans today: Behavioral and Mental Health, Obesity, Diabetes, and Nutrition. Using our combined resources, expertise, and creativity, we can make a difference.

Toolkits for PAs to Mobilize the Movement

As licensed clinicians who practice in every specialty and setting, PAs are in a unique position to put these National Health Priorities into action. Tools such as continuing medical education (CME), fellowships, and webinars provide them the resources they need to improve patient health in these critical areas.

Behavioral & Mental Health

Partnering With PAs on Education, Action, and Healthier Communities

AAPA and the PA Foundation support PAs as they address our nation’s biggest health epidemics head-on. From equipping PAs for effective patient care, to building their civic awareness and understanding, to joining with health organizations to develop community-based programs – we support PAs so they can focus on their patients.

Industry, health system, and community health partners are essential to making this possible.

CME & Education
Stakeholder Convening
Community Outreach
PA & Student Engagement

Together, We Are Building a Movement

While our nation faces big challenges, they are not insurmountable. We all have a role to play.
Here’s how you can help.


Share your success in impacting a health priority.

Offer your expertise as faculty or for media inquiries.

Find National Health Priority edu­ca­tion and practice resources.


Reach out about sponsorship, research, speaking, or programming opportunities.


Let’s have a conversation about how PAs are enhancing patient health in the four priority areas.