National Health Priority Toolkit:

The Growing Prevalence and Cost of Obesity

A chronic disease of epidemic proportions, obesity affects two of every three patients treated by PAs and puts these patients at higher risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, and many other conditions. A person’s body weight is often impacted by their genetic predisposition, gender, socioeconomic status, and access to nutritious food and places to stay physically active. PAs treat patients across all practice settings and communities and are in a strong position to help address the obesity crisis.

Americans who die each year from obesity-related diseases
Fewer than half of patients with obesity have a formal diagnosis
$1.4 Trillion
Direct and indirect medical costs for obesity-related conditions
> 50%
Black adults have our nation’s highest rate of obesity

A Movement Toward Resolving Obesity in Our Time

AAPA and the PA Foundation continually commit substantial resources to resolving obesity in communities across the nation. Obesity is one of four National Health Priorities targeted as part of a national movement for healthier bodies and minds. Together with industry, health system, and community partners, we are giving PAs the knowledge and the tools needed to make a difference.

Tools & Resources

Together, We Are Building a Movement

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