National Health Priority Toolkit:

Proper nutrition promotes health and has a role in preventing and managing diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity. Just as nutritional needs change over the lifespan, patients with chronic diseases need nutrition tailored to their specific medical conditions.

This toolkit seeks to equip PAs across all specialties and settings with the knowledge and skills to effectively address nutrition-related issues in their practice in order to promote optimal health for their patients. Use the resources here to earn relevant CME, improve patient care, advise patients and caregivers, and advocate for change.

Essential Nutrition Concepts for All PAs

If you’d like to offer more in-depth nutritional counseling to your patients, start with this free, AAPA-approved curriculum developed in partnership with The France Foundation and supported by Abbott Nutrition. Learn evidence-based guidance from PAs with nutrition expertise on topics like assessing a patient’s nutritional status, offering nutritional counseling, and developing a nutrition plan.

Tools & Resources

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