AAPA works with all public and commercial third-party payers to ensure coverage for the medical and surgical services delivered by PAs. A thorough understanding of PA payment policies is essential for demonstrating PA value, maximizing the collection of appropriate reimbursement and avoiding concerns about fraud and abuse.

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Special Reimbursement Alerts:

Medicare Payment for COVID-19 Counseling

Telehealth & Telemedicine by PAs During the COVID-19 Pandemic

PAs and Home Health

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Follow these Medicare policies and regulations to maximize revenue and avoid allegations of fraud and abuse.

How Medicaid Covers PA Services

What is Medicaid and how does it cover PA services?

Commercial Payers

Commercial payer policies are often different from Medicare’s. Get information on their requirements for PAs.

PA Productivity

Measuring PA productivity is important to move the profession forward. Learn about ways to measure PA value and calculate your contribution to care.


QPP Overview

Find out how the QPP and MACRA programs will affect your Medicare reporting activities and reimbursement.


Learn about the importance of transparency for the medical and surgical services PAs deliver.

Workers’ Compensation

Learn how PAs are covered under workers’ compensation claims and at what reimbursement rate.

Communications with Federal Executive Branch

Read the latest communications from AAPA to federal agencies and find out how AAPA works to promote the profession through regulatory advocacy.

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The Essential Guide to PA Reimbursement

The Essential Guide to PA Reimbursement (PDF) provides a detailed summary and explanation of the key aspects of coverage and regulatory policies related to reimbursement for medical and surgical services delivered by PAs.