AAPA House of Delegates Votes to Change Profession Title to Physician Associate

Resolution Passes HOD by Majority Vote

May 24, 2021 

The AAPA House of Delegates (HOD) today passed a resolution affirming “physician associate” as the official title for the PA profession by a majority vote of 198 to 68. The vote followed several hours of deliberation by HOD members and several years of study by an international marketing and communications firm.

The AAPA Board of Directors will now begin discussions to implement the HOD policy. As the Board moves forward with implementation, each constituent organization will conduct its own deliberations about a title change to physician associate. It is inappropriate for PAs to hold themselves out as “physician associates” at this time until legislative and regulatory changes are made to incorporate the new title.

AAPA will work to provide the same excellent member services and the robust work that is so essential to support the growth and advancement of the PA profession. The organization will continue to empower our members to advance their careers and ultimately enhance patient health.

For questions about title change, see TCI FAQs or contact [email protected].

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