House of Delegates

The House of Delegates (HOD) is responsible for enacting policies establishing the collective values, philosophies and principles of the PA profession.


2022 House of Delegates Meeting

This is where you can access all the information and resources you will need to participate in the May 2022 House of Delegates.

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AAPA HOD Meeting

HOD 101

Learn about the House of Delegates, their voice in the Academy and their roles and responsibilities. Also view the current HOD apportionment of delegates determining the number of seats/votes each delegation has.

Elected Delegate List

View the list of current delegates.

CO Officer Compliance for HOD

View a list of officers and delegates for your constituent organization to confirm their AAPA Fellow membership status. AAPA member login credentials are required to view.

HOD Guidelines

HOD resolution and policy paper guidelines for the current year.

Reference Committee Reports & Summary of Actions

Access current and past reference committee reports and summary of actions. AAPA member login credentials are required to view.

Archived Meeting Materials

View an archive of HOD meeting materials from 2015-2021

Speaker’s Update

Updates from the Speaker of the House.

Policy Manual, Papers and Forms

Access AAPA’s policy manual, delegate notification and change forms, five-year policy review chart and disclosure & conflict of interest form.

HOD Volunteer Opportunities

View current opportunities and complete the volunteer form.

HOD Task Forces

View the composition of the 2019 & 2020 task forces and their charges.

HOD Appointments

View the composition of the HOD Appointed Committees and their charges.

House Outstanding Service Award Winners

View the delegates AAPA has recognized for their outstanding service to the profession.

House CME Certificates

Links to certificates for CME credit for attending a House of Delegates meeting. AAPA member login credentials are required to view.

Upcoming HOD Meeting Dates

Year & Location Dates
2023 Nashville May 19-21
2024 Houston
May 17-19
2025 Denver May 16-18