AAPA’s President Wants You to Join the Conversation

August 21, 2019

Dear Colleague:

David E. Mittman headshotI am asking you to take a few moments to read this letter. I noticed you are not an AAPA member, and If you’re like me and think our profession needs change, I have news for you: This is no longer your Mom’s or Dad’s AAPA. It’s yours!

Change is happening. Our profession’s thinking is evolving and the AAPA is leading it – join us.

  • We are working toward Optimal Team Practice (OTP) in many states. It will put us on equal footing with other healthcare professions (like nurse practitioners) and give us the responsibility we need and deserve. North Dakota just passed legislation that allows nearly all PAs to practice as full medical providers by removing the legal requirement for an agreement or any specific relationship with a physician. The idea is that PAs are responsible for what we do and for us to govern our own profession.
  • We are awarding grants to state PA chapters to modernize their practice acts and to bring parity to legislation between PAs and other healthcare professions. We are also working at the federal level to authorize PAs to be eligible for direct payment, as well as engaging large health systems to recognize PA value and enhance utilization.

These are a few of an ambitious list but we can’t continue to make improvements without you. 

That’s why I am writing you. Because it’s possible that you, like me, were skeptical about AAPA. Over time, I realized that if I walked away, I remained part of the problem, and was holding the profession back. I realized that I needed to be part of the solution and that my involvement would mean a better future for us all.

As the AAPA’s President, I promise you we will continue our agenda of change and progress. We will be much more effective if we have your help. To start, I ask you to join us — not next week, but this week, even today! Joining AAPA is an insurance policy for your future and the future of the profession because we are working to ensure you can practice at the top of your education, clinical training and experience. Be a part of this exciting time in our profession and help us take charge of change. Join me and AAPA to protect and build our profession.


Come join the family. Please.

Yours for a strong and united profession,

Dave Mittman signature

David E. Mittman, PA, DFAAPA
President and Chair of the Board

P.S. Email me if you have questions — or email me and tell me why you do not want to join — at [email protected].
I am here and willing to listen.


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