State Advocacy Days: Update and Progress in Participating States 

February 27, 2024

With legislatures across the country in session, it’s the season of state advocacy days. Congratulations to all state chapters who have held successful events at your capitols! 

For organizations planning future events, be sure to check out a new AAPA resource: A Guide to Hosting a PA Advocacy Day. To share photos from your event, please contact [email protected]. 


Maryland Academy of Physician Assistants


Maryland held its Advocacy Day on January 29 where PAs and PA students showed their support for the profession. Advocates spoke to lawmakers about SB 167, a bill that would modernize PA practice laws to match the practice environment adopted by neighboring states. Changing the language from supervision to collaboration would allow scope of practice to be based upon a PA’s education, training, experience, and competencies rather than the physician’s scope.  


Utah Academy of Physician Assistants

Utah held its Day on the Hill on January 31 with an abundance of PAs and PA students in attendance. Advocates heard from and spoke with Senator Luz Escamilla, Minority Leader of Utah’s State Senate and Senate Health and Human Services Committee Representative, and Representative Ken Ivor, Chair of the Health and Human Services Committee. Following their Day on the Hill efforts, SB 24 was sent for enrolling on February 14 after passing both chambers of the legislature. 


Iowa Physician Assistant Society

Iowa’s January 31 PA legislative day had a strong turnout of PAs and PA students. Advocates showed up in force to speak with lawmakers about the importance of maintaining an autonomous PA board.


Kentucky Academy of Physician Assistants

Kentucky held its Day on the Hill on February 6 with over 150 PAs and PA students in attendance. PAs advocated for HB 316 which would streamline the PA licensure process making it easier for Kentucky PA students to stay and practice in the state. 


South Dakota Academy of Physician Assistants

South Dakota held its PA Day at the Capitol on February 12 with many PAs and PA students in attendance. Advocates spoke to lawmakers about the importance of increasing access to care in their state on the same day Gov. Noem signed SB 87 adding PAs to the medical board. A win for PA representation! 


New York State Society of Physician Assistants

New York held its lobby day on February 13 with PAs and PA students in attendance. Advocates asked lawmakers to support an executive budget proposal that would remove supervision for PAs who work in primary care and have practiced for more than 8,000 hours. The proposal would also remove physician-to-PA ratios and grant the ability to order full courses of therapy from start to finish.


Minnesota Academy of Physician Assistants

Minnesota held its Day on the Hill on February 21 with PAs and PA students advocating for updated legislation. Advocates spoke to lawmakers about adopting the PA Licensure Compact and expanding access to mental head care by including PAs in mental health policies. 


Tennessee Academy of Physician Assistants

Tennessee held its Day on the Hill on February 21 with more than 300 PAs and PA students in attendance. Advocates spoke to lawmakers about HB 1862/SB 1727, establishing the PA Licensure Compact, and updating Tennessee’s practice laws to create an optimal team practice environment for PAs.    


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