AAPA Student Academy Board of Directors 2023 Election Results Are In!

AAPA student members voted to fill 10 open Board of Directors positions with leadership terms starting July 1, 2023

June 6, 2023

The Student Academy represents the voice of PA students across the country. Led by the Student Board of Directors, the Student Academy embraces AAPA’s mission with a focus on student-oriented engagement, professional development, and advocacy. Annually, AAPA student members elect PA student leaders who represent all PA students in the U.S.

[AAPA Board of Directors General Election Results Are In!]

During the 2023 election cycle, there were 10 open Student Academy Board positions. The results are in! Learn more about the newly elected 2023-2024 AAPA Student Academy.



Brittny Dawkins

Brittny Dawkins will serve as President-elect. The president-elect is a two-year term, in which the student leader serves one year as president-elect and one year as Student Academy President/AAPA Student Director on AAPA’s Board of Directors. This position presides at the Assembly of Representatives meeting for the Student Academy and will succeed the president on completion of their term. Beginning on July 1, current Study Academy President-elect Kierra Gipson will transition to the role of President/Student Director.







Chief Delegate

Alec Williams

Alec Williams will become Chief Delegate and serve a one-year term. Among the duties of Chief Delegate are leading the student delegation to AAPA’s House of Delegates (HOD), representing issues of importance to students in preparing resolutions for HOD consideration and representing student perspectives on other resolutions brought before the HOD.  The Chief Delegates also provides recommendations to the AAPA House Officers regarding student representation on HOD Committees.







Director of Diversity & Outreach

Shumuel Ofosu-Koranteng

Shumuel Ofosu-Koranteng will serve a one-year term as the Director of Diversity and Outreach, which develops relationships with other health profession student associations, connects and engages with diversity chairs at student societies, and raises awareness among student members of AAPA’s diversity efforts and resources. In addition to these duties, Shumuel will also bring the student voice to AAPA’s Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Commission during his term.








Director of Student Communications

Madeline Ramirez

As the Director of Student Communications, Madeline Ramirez will inform the student strategy by representing student perspectives on issues facing students and contributing to developing PA student-generated content. She will raise awareness of Student Academy information, student opportunities, student membership, testimonials about AAPA products, and AAPA advocacy efforts. This is a one-year term.








Six Reginal Directors

The Student Academy includes six Regional Directors charged with communicating AAPA news and information, resources, and opportunities with student societies within their respective regions. They work to increase student awareness of Student Academy leadership opportunities, AAPA student member benefits, and AAPA advocacy efforts. During their one-year leadership term, Regional Directors are responsible for actively encouraging and assisting all PA programs within their region to establish and register a student society with the Student Academy. The following PA students will serve as Regional Directors:

Mid-Atlantic Regional Director

North Central Regional Director

Patrice Farquharson

Alyssa Lannoo

Northeast Regional Director

South Central Regional Director

Jhocelyn Mesias

Grace Mitchell

Southeast Regional Director

Western Regional Director

Jillian V. Miller

Ana Ahmad

Learn more about the Student Academy Board of Directors election – including open positions, eligibility criteria, election timeline and voter eligibility here. If you have questions, please contact AAPAelections@aapa.org.

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