12 Days of PAs

For the next twelve days, we’re highlighting our favorite stories of exceptional PAs! These stories feature PAs who are entrepreneurs, who dedicate themselves outside of work, who have overcome obstacles, who have pursued unusual career trajectories. These PAs are devoted to their patients and the profession, and we think they’re well worth revisiting. Check back as we unveil our 12 Days of PAs.

Loretta Connaughton ornament

Right Time, Right Place: PA Saves a Life

Jill Schulten ornament

Category 5 Hurricane Derails PA Students

Paul Hoffman ornament

Fit to Fly? PA Supports Hurricane Hunters

Silvia Garcia ornament

Unaccompanied Immigrant to PA Student

David Claeys ornament

From PA to President: David Claeys

Verdale Benson ornament

PA Trains as Ninja Warrior

Christina Starks

Breaking Ground: Hawaii’s First PA in Rheumatology

James Jones ornament

PA Practices Protective Medicine at White House

Afton Heitzenrater ornament

PA Aims to Stop Opioid Addiction Before It Starts

Jen Palermo ornament

What It’s Really Like to be a PA in Hospital Medicine

Travis Randolph ornament

A Day in the Life of a PA in Orthopaedics

Snow Feng

PA Leads Cheers for Philly Eagles and Her Patients


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