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Sharmila Sewell performing a medication reconciliation in her patient's home

PAs Help Close Gaps in Care Through House Calls

As an in-home healthcare provider, Sarah Kaplan, PA-C, is among a rapidly growing number of medical professionals who are revitalizing the once-common practice of bringing urgent and primary care services directly into the homes of their patients.

Huddle Ask Me Session Telemedicine graphic

Virtual Health PAs Share Insight to Rapidly Growing Healthcare Space

Huddle’s latest Ask Me session recruited virtual medicine PAs Desmond Watt and Amanda Shelley to engage in field-related discussions with AAPA members. Virtual health, or telemedicine, is an emerging healthcare space that PAs have the opportunity to not only join, but lead.

Dave Bunnell, PA-C

Profile of a PA Specializing in Cardiac Electrophysiology

Ever wonder what a PA who specializes in cardiac electrophysiology does? David J. Bunnell, MSHS, PA-C, Lead Medical Center PA at the Washington, D.C., VA Medical Center tells us about his current role and why he changed specialties mid-career.

PA on the computer

How PAs Can Take on More Responsibility Without Burning Out

As we advance in our careers, it’s natural to want to take on more responsibility. But there’s a tricky balance – we don’t want our PA practice or our enthusiasm for healthcare to suffer. Follow these four tips to take on more without burning out.

Three PAs talking

Why I Changed Specialties as a PA

One of the major advantages of becoming a PA is that it is relatively easy to change from one specialty to another without the need for new certification. More than 50% of PAs will change specialties during their careers, according to AAPA’s Salary Report.

PA sitting at her desk, smiling

Looking for a Non-Clinical Role? Consider Medical or Clinical Science Liaison

PAs who serve as medical and clinical science liaisons play a unique role in pharmaceutical and other medical organizations. They use their clinical skills to interpret clinical trials, medications’ chemical composition, safety matters, and help to educate clinicians.

Vituity Emergency Medicine PA Fellows

A Day or Night in the Life of an Emergency Medicine Fellow

Stephen Lewia, PA-C, has spent the past few months as a Vituity Emergency Medicine PA Fellow at Arrowhead Medical Center in Colton, California. He shares his insights about the experience and about balancing life with being a new PA.

Dave Sander with a couple members of his DMAT and a Customs and Border Protection Special Unit officer talking to a local in Puerto Rico

How PAs Can Use Their Skills in Disaster Medicine

Interested in using your skills to help communities in need after a disaster? Four PAs offer their best advice for getting involved, from participating in trainings and minimizing harm to being patient throughout the process.

PAs and Team Practice

A summary of PAs in team-oriented care models.

PA Interviewing

One Interview Tip I Would Give to All PAs

Career and leadership expert Andrea Lowe, MHA, PA-C, shares advice on how to effectively prepare so that you stand out from the crowd during job interviews. Anticipate competition for any job you’re interviewing for and do your homework.

Guide icon with a computer, pen and paper

Worksheet: Creating a Budget

One of the key transitions from PA program to practicing is financial. We’ve got PA-specific budget worksheets to help you make a personal financial plan.

Worksheet: Creating a Budget

PA Career Worksheet to help you gain new financial management skills. Available to members only.

PA Nazila Shagagi and Dr. Vo via Bentley, the telemedicine robot

The Top 7 Things Every PA Should Know About Virtual Medicine and Telemedicine

What do virtual medicine, telehealth, telemedicine mean? And how might they affect you and your daily practice? Desmond Watt, PA-C, president of the PAs in Virtual Medicine and Telemedicine special interest group, shares what you should know.

Checklist icon thumbnail

Checklist: Records to Maintain

There are standard records that all practicing PAs (and PA students) should collect and maintain. We’ve compiled them into a detailed and handy checklist so you can make sure you have what you need.

Checklist icon thumbnail

Checklist: New Graduate

You’ve graduated…now, make sure you’re ready to practice with our checklist for new graduates.