Salary Report 2023

Get the pay and benefits you deserve with the 2023 AAPA Salary Report. Negotiate your salary with this resource, free to fellow, student & retired members.

PA Portfolio

PA Portfolio is a secure, online sharing and storage tool for important education, licensing and certification, and career records.


OvidMD is a centralized online source for point-of-care and research support tools.

Wage PArity

AAPA is working to solve the PA pay gap by making sure that every PA has the tools they need to effectively negotiate their pay and benefits. The articles, resources, and tips on this page are the first step you can take with us to make this happen!

Cost of Living Calculator

Use our calculator to compare the cost of living of various urban areas. A helpful tool to utilize alongside the AAPA Salary Report.

2019 AAPA Salary Report

Get the pay and benefits you deserve with the 2019 AAPA Salary Report. Free to AAPA fellow, student and retired members.
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PA Career Coach

Jennifer Hohman has helped hundreds of PAs get their dream jobs. Put her expertise to work for you!