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The Latest, Most Detailed PA Salary Data

Quickly find the information you need with easy-to-read tables on base salary, base hourly wages, and bonus, sorted by region, specialty, setting, employer type, and years of experience.

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Guidance on Interpreting the Data

AAPA Research developed an FAQ document to help you interpret the report. Don’t see your question? Let us know!

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Info on the Extras

See what your peers are receiving on average in paid vacation, calculate how much professional development funding you should ask for, and explore other insights into compensation outside your salary.

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Wage Parity Resources

AAPA is working to solve the PA pay gap by making sure that every PA has the tools they need to effectively negotiate their pay and benefits.

AAPA Salary Explorer

When you download your 2019 AAPA Salary Report, you’ll also get free access to the online Salary Explorer tool! Plug in a few demographics to quickly generate a customized 1-page salary report. Log in here using your AAPA ID.


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How Does Your Salary Stack Up?

Use our calculator to compare the cost of living in various urban areas. Determine the buying power of your pay and enhance your results with data from the 2019 AAPA Salary Report.