Minnesota PAs Celebrate New Law Removing References to Supervision, Delegation, and Physician Responsibility for PA Care

Victory Expands Access to Healthcare and Increases Employment Opportunities for PAs

May 29, 2020

Minnesota PAs ended the legislative session on a victorious note due to the passage of S.F. 13, an omnibus healthcare bill that includes several provisions to improve PA practice. The new law, which will increase employment opportunities for PAs and expand patient access to healthcare, was signed into law by Gov. Tim Walz on May 27, 2020.

The bill removes references to supervision, delegation, and physician responsibility for care provided by PAs, allowing PAs to practice to the full extent of their education, training, and experience. It also removes delegated prescriptive authority, authorizing PAs to prescribe based on their own qualifications.

Under S.F. 13, new PAs (those with fewer than 2,080 practice hours) will be required to collaborate with a physician practicing in a similar medical specialty. Upon completion of 2,080 practice hours, a PA may enter into a practice agreement with the PA’s employer. PAs subject to a practice agreement must engage in an annual review with a physician within the same practice or facility as the PA, but no additional physician oversight is required.

The legislation will allow PAs in Minnesota to be regulated with similar standards as nurse practitioners in the state and remove burdensome paperwork that prevents PAs from being competitive in the healthcare workforce. The new law is the product of years of hard work by the Minnesota Academy of PAs (MAPA) and involved significant engagement and negotiation with multiple external stakeholder groups including the Minnesota Medical Association. AAPA supported MAPA with research, language review, and media and grassroots outreach.

For more information about S.F. 13 or PA practice in Minnesota, please contact Erika Miller, director, State Advocacy & Outreach.

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