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AAPA Releases First National Survey of Physician Assistants on COVID-19 Crisis

This survey shows the considerable contributions of PAs and the scale at which they have had to adapt to meet the needs of patients during the COVID-19 crisis. It is the first effort to quantify the experiences of these frontline medical providers.

The survey was conducted on a random sample of PAs over a 12-day period from April 25 – May 6. The survey results reflect PA respondents who indicated they have clinically practiced in the last four months. The survey had a margin of error of +/-3.8% for clinically practicing PAs.

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Survey Confirms Profession’s Contributions, Adaptability

Half of PAs have tested, treated, or diagnosed COVID-19 patients. Read the press release for other top-level statistics.

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New! Infographic Shows Key Results

Need a quick summary? This shareable graphic illustrates the key points from the survey.

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AAPA’s New National Survey of PAs During COVID-19 Crisis

Download and read the full report for the most information.