Top 5 Career Central Resources You Should Be Using

Exclusive Career Central Benefits You May Not Know About

March 4, 2020

By Toks Oriola

You may think you’re taking advantage of everything your AAPA membership has to offer – AAPA Conference, Huddle, CME Central. But AAPA’s Career Central is full of resources and tools you can use to craft your resume, find a new job, and compare your salary and benefits package. Whether you’re finishing up PA school and looking for your first job, or you’re hoping to take on increased leadership responsibilities in your current role, you’ll find help and advice on Career Central.

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Here are five must-use Career Central resources:

1. Automated reminders for your certification deadlines
PA PortfolioNo need to stress out on missing any important licensing deadlines or remembering the expiration dates for your essential career documents – we’ve got your back. As an AAPA member, you have the ability to receive alerts before your upcoming certifications are set to expire. This includes your:

  • NCCPA certification
  • State license
  • Skill based certifications (ACLS, CPR, ADLS, etc.)
  • NCCPA Specialty CAQs
  • Malpractice insurance
  • Immunization records

To set up your expiration reminders, simply log in to PA Portfolio and follow the prompts on your reminder checklist. No PA Portfolio account yet? Don’t worry – it’s completely free to AAPA fellow members. Create your account in just a few steps and get started today.

2. Discounted rates on UpToDate
UpToDate is one of the most popular apps used by PAs. As an AAPA member, you can save $120 on the regular annual subscriber rate— that’s a 23% discount! In addition to your online subscription to UpToDate, AAPA members can save up to 39% when you upgrade your mobile access to UpToDate MobileComplete™, the fastest, most reliable way to access UpToDate from your smartphone or tablet.

3. Career checklists and guidelines (NEW!)

Career guides and checklistsAs you navigate your career, the last thing you want to do is miss out on important action items that may not have crossed your mind. To make your professional life easier, Career Central now includes exclusive guidelines and checklists on subject matters such as:

    • What to consider before you start working
    • How to use recruiters to find the perfect job opportunity
    • Questions you should consider asking your potential employer
    • Tips and tools on crafting the best CV, resume and cover letters
    • Negotiating your contract
    • What to consider when resigning or taking a break from practice

Whether you’re looking for a new career opportunity or examining your current career path, these checklists are a must-have for PAs.

4. Got a Career Coach?
There are so many ways to seek out career advice, it can get overwhelming fast. That’s why AAPA provides a way to receive career advice and support from someone who understands the intricacies and nuances of the PA profession. Jennifer Hohman, the PA Career Coach, has been advising PAs for over 20 years. She offers personalized advising services to new and experienced PAs in the areas of career navigation, resume and professional materials preparation, interviewing, and contract negotiation. Her insight has helped hundreds of PAs and many of them have shared with us how beneficial her advice was to their careers.

5. An insurance you can trust
It’s important that all clinically practicing PAs carry professional liability coverage, often called malpractice insurance. This insurance covers your exposure to liability arising from your profession, including allegations of malpractice. While it may be daunting to find the right insurance, AAPA has partnered with CM&F to offer easy, convenient, and cost-effective coverage for PAs. CM&F offers policies underwritten by an A++ rated insurance carrier and will provide you a free consultation to make sure you receive the policy that makes sense for you.

Take advantage of a free consultation or a free quote by contacting CM&F Group at

In addition to these resources, AAPA’s Career Central offers PA JobSource, which you can search for thousands of PA jobs in every setting and specialty, advice and tips for advancing your career, and our annual Salary Report, which helps you keep pace with your peers, negotiate better contracts, and get an edge when it counts. Check out everything Career Central has to offer you today.

Toks Oriola is AAPA’s assistant director of product development and management. She can be reached at

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