5 Membership Benefits You Shouldn’t Sleep On

Take Advantage of Exclusive Benefits with Big Impacts

September 21, 2020

Each member of AAPA has his or her own reasons for joining, and resources they find particularly helpful. Maybe you reference the Salary Report each year during contract negotiations. Maybe you used PA JobSource to land your new role when you decided to move across the country. Maybe you’re one of our state advocates who visits Advocacy Central regularly to take advantage of the legislative tools found there. AAPA has many resources for PAs, and we want to make sure you’re taking full advantage of all that your AAPA membership has to offer. Here are five membership benefits that you can use today to move your career forward.

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  1. Bank Monthly CME, Easily

Do you read JAAPA each month? Did you know that just by doing so you could receive 13 category 1 CME credits a year? Each month, two articles from the edition are selected for the post-test. Simply read the articles, answer the questions online, and submit your responses. These category 1 CME credits are free to members, and each edition’s post-tests are available for one year. With the JAAPA post-tests, you can accrue more than a quarter of your necessary CME credits for free!

[Enjoy all the perks of AAPA membership – join or renew today.]

  1. Digitally Store All Your PA Documents

PAs have to keep a lot of paperwork. And until recently, the best option was usually a manila folder, full to bursting, carefully (or not so carefully) stored somewhere. Kiss your manila folder goodbye! Now, AAPA members have access to PA Portfolio, where you can store all of your career-related documents digitally. It’s an online storage and sharing tool that allows PAs to create an inventory of essential career documents that can be accessed anywhere. As an AAPA member, it’s a resource you can start using today, and you’ll never have to go searching through a disorganized folder again.

  1. Find Your PA People

Thumbnail for HuddleHuddle is AAPA’s member-only community, where PAs can connect with their colleagues, regardless of location. Would you like another PA’s opinion about something that happened to you at work? Would you like to know how another workplace provides leadership opportunities for PAs? Did something funny happen this morning, and you know only other PAs will understand? Huddle provides a place you can share anecdotes, trade stories, and ask for advice. It’s the place to go when you want to discuss issues impacting the PA profession – things like Optimal Team Practice or the Title Change Investigation. You can find former colleagues you’ve lost track of with the directory tool, and you can find a mentor through Mentor Match. Only other PAs share your experiences, and you can find them on Huddle.

  1. Career Guidance Kept Simple

We know there are some points of a PA’s career that may seem particularly stressful or overwhelming. With that in mind, we developed PA Career Checklists, handy guides you can reference at different points in your career. We’ve got checklists for PA students about to graduate, and those who’ve just started their first PA job. We’ve got checklists for which records you should maintain, as well as a checklist to help you vet recruiters, if you choose to work with one. Our PA Career Checklists were designed to make your life a little easier – during times of transition or stress, it’s nice to have one less thing to think about!

  1. A Break for Your Wallet

We want to make sure that your hard-earned money ends up in your wallet, so AAPA has negotiated many members-only discounts. Did you know that as a member you’ll pay $400 less for Conference registration than a non-member, no matter when you book? Do you use UpToDate, the popular PA resource? AAPA partnered with UpToDate to provide up to $250 off your subscription, a special rate that really adds up. Are you taking the PANCE or PANRE soon? Take advantage of the members-only Hippo Education discount, the best online resource for PAs and PA students to pass the exams. Looking for individual career coaching? AAPA members can save 25% and receive personalized career transition and contract support service from the PA Career Coach. Visit our Member Discounts page to learn about all of the discounts available to AAPA members and start putting money back in your wallet today.

Not a member of AAPA? Join today to start taking advantage of these member benefits and more!

Editor’s note: This article originally appeared in November 2019.

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