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Contact Information

Contact Information

Customer Care
Call 703-836-2272 (option 1) M-F from 9-5 ET.
Email [email protected].

Mail your membership application to:
2318 Mill Road, Suite 1300
Alexandria, VA 22314
Download application

Fax your membership application to:
Download application

Contacting your state chapter, caucus, specialty organization, or special interest group?
Find contact info here.

Questions about certification?
Contact NCCPA at 678-417-8100.

Questions about AMA credentialing?
Email [email protected].

Profile Updates

Profile Updates

Profile Updates
Log in to My Account to view your membership status, update your personal information, select your communication preferences, and pay dues.

Changing Your Membership Category
If you are an affiliate member who has been accepted to a PA program, or a sustaining member who has returned to practice, please contact Customer Care to update your membership at [email protected] or 703-836-2272 (option 1).

Updating Graduation Date for Student Membership
Have your PA program provide confirmation of your expected graduation date and submit to [email protected].

Dues Information

Dues Information

Payment Issues
Email [email protected] or call 703-836-2272 (option 1).

Membership Refunds
Membership is nonrefundable.

Discounts for Military and Federal PAs
Active duty, military reserve, and federally employed PAs are eligible for $50 off a one-year fellow membership. Please contact Customer Care for further details at [email protected] or 703-836-2272 (option 1) during business hours.

Dues Renewal Reminders
You will receive reminders by mail and email starting 90 days before your membership expires.

AAPA fellow members may sign up for auto-renewal while purchasing or renewing membership.

AAPA Fellow Membership Auto-Renewal Authorization Terms
Your AAPA fellow membership will automatically continue, and you authorize AAPA to charge your credit card or debit card on an annual basis for the amount of then-current fellow membership dues as published on the AAPA website, less a 5% discount. Charges will occur on the 15th day of your membership expiration month. This authorization will remain in effect until such time as you either cancel your AAPA membership or notify AAPA of your revocation of this auto-renewal authorization. You may revoke authorization at any time by updating your auto-renewal preferences, or emailing or calling the AAPA Customer Care team at [email protected], 703-836-2272, Option 1 (M-F, 9AM-5PM ET). If the eligible payment you provided in your payment preferences is declined, you must provide a new eligible payment method promptly or your AAPA membership will be canceled.

AAPA uses a third-party service provider, BluePay, to process payments. This payment processing is facilitated by your respective bank or credit card and the terms are governed by their respective provider terms. Please review the terms and conditions of your bank or credit card provider for information on their terms. BluePay also provides an account updating service, which is a service provided by your bank or credit card company to facilitate uninterrupted processing of recurring charges you have authorized. Please be aware that our account updater service may establish a link with AAPA in order to facilitate and authorize recurring payments. For more information on stopping recurring payments please see information above.

Purchasing Multiple Years of Membership
You are welcome to purchase as many years of membership as you like. You’ll simply need to go through the checkout process for each year of membership you’d like to purchase or contact Customer Care at 703-836-2272 (option 1) to purchase multiple years of membership in a single transaction.

Membership Materials
You can view or print your membership card here. Student members receive a welcome kit in the mail. Materials will be delivered within six to eight weeks from when your payment was processed.

Dues Tax Information
Membership dues are not deductible as charitable contributions for income tax purposes. However, they may be deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense or an itemized miscellaneous deduction subject to the restrictions imposed due to AAPA’s lobbying activities.

The nondeductible portion of your annual dues spent on lobbying activities is about 4.88 percent. In addition, $24 of annual AAPA membership dues covers a one-year subscription (12 issues) to the Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants (JAAPA).

The AAPA federal ID# is 23-7067770.

PAC Tax Information
Contributions to the AAPA Political Action Committee (PA PAC) are voluntary and NOT tax deductible. Federal law requires PACs to report the name, mailing address, occupation and name of employer for each individual whose contributions exceed $200 in a calendar year. Please contact your CPA or tax specialist with questions.

PAF Tax Information
PA Foundation (PAF) contributions are voluntary and tax-deductible. These contributions support PA Foundation programs. The PA Foundation federal ID# is 54-1071370.

Restrictions to AAPA Membership
In accordance with AAPA Bylaws Article X, Section 5, “Any individual who has their physician assistant license, certificate, registration, or temporary permit currently revoked as the result of a final adjudicated disciplinary action for violation of their professional practice statues or regulations shall be ineligible to apply for AAPA membership during the period of that revocation.”

AAPA & JAAPA Communications

AAPA & JAAPA Communications

Problems Receiving JAAPA
JAAPA is for members only. Log in to My Account to see if your membership is current, My Profile to verify your mailing address, and Communication Preferences to ensure you have not opted out.

If you joined recently, renewed your dues after your membership expired, or updated your address, it may take up to eight weeks for your mailed subscription to begin. As a member, you can get instant access online to all past and current JAAPA articles now, and you can complete the JAAPA post-tests for CME credit on Learning Central.

For additional questions or assistance, contact Customer Care at [email protected] or 703-836-2272 (option 1).

Managing AAPA Communications
Control what you do and don’t receive from AAPA using your Communication Preferences.

If you are opted in to an AAPA communication, but are still not receiving it, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Check your email account to see if our emails are going into a trash, junk, or spam folder. If they are, just right click on that email and select the junk or spam option that adds that email address or email domain to your “safe” list (“add to contacts”, “not junk”, “never block,” etc.).
  2. “Whitelist” AAPA. Many email providers block any email that comes from a bulk email system – even if that system is legitimate and in compliance with best practices. If your provider is blocking AAPA email, you’ll need to “whitelist” AAPA. If you are using a personal email provider, like Gmail or Yahoo, you’ll want to add the appropriate email domain or “from” email address (see list below) to your “safe” list. If you are using business email, you’ll want to contact your employer’s IT department or vendor.
  3. Try a different email account. Occasionally, despite AAPA’s adherence to email best practices, an email provider blocks AAPA emails in their spam filters and they are not delivered to your inbox. We work closely with these providers to resolve any issues, but we are not always successful.