PA Program COVID-19 Resources

During this unprecedented time of closures and disruption in response to Coronavirus (COVID-19), AAPA has compiled a suite of resources that may be helpful as you convert your courses to online learning.

COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Resources

  • AAPA’s COVID-19 Resource Center is a place to find tools and resources to help you continue to practice medicine safely and effectively, while keeping your own health in mind.
  • AAPA’s Huddle is the online community for fellow, student, and retired members. COVID-19 Conversations is a feed that features real-time conversations about COVID-19 to organize and ease the spread of accurate information among providers.
  • AAPA Student Membership Extension—Pandemic Delayed Your Graduation? – AAPA student membership extension is available to AAPA student members whose program completion date has been delayed. Simply complete this form to request the extension. PA programs can request the membership extension as a group process by contacting the AAPA student membership team at [email protected].
  • ARC-PA COVID-19 Guidance for PA Programs: Read the latest updates and statements on topics like clinical rotations from the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant, Inc. (ARC-PA).
  • PAEA’s COVID-19 Information Center has many useful links and resources for programs and faculty, including teaching tools and tutorials. We are working closely with PAEA to help programs and students share information and coordinate resources.
Live Digital Presentations

Live Digital Presentations

AAPA staff are available to serve as online guest lecturers and speak regularly to PA programs around the country. Available presentations include:

  • “AAPA: Your Lifetime Partner for Your PA Journey” – one-hour lecture covering PA professional issues, state and federal advocacy priorities for the PA profession including 6 Key Elements of a Modern PA Practice Act, the Title Change Investigation, and AAPA member benefits. Contact Katie Desmond, Director of Student Membership and PA Program Relations, to schedule.
  • “The Importance of Being Earnest(ly)…Active in Research” – a 30-minute talk on why research is important throughout the career of a PA and how AAPA can help. “Research Resources for PAs” is a one-hour talk about resources that will aid PAs and PA students who are not sure where to start when engaging in research. Contact Noël Smith, Senior Director, PA and Industry Research and Analysis, to schedule.
  • “Missing Out Because You Aren’t LinkedIn: What Every PA Student Should Know About This Powerful Platform” is a one-hour presentation on the value to PA students of creating a refined LinkedIn profile. Learn how this tool can assist in securing clinical rotations, searching for jobs, and connecting with thousands of potential colleagues. Contact Andrea Lowe, MHA, PA-C Director, AAPA Employer Strategy, to schedule.
  • Telemedicine and prevention of prescription opioid misuse. To schedule a virtual presentation (2 hours) contact Emily Hincher: [email protected]
Free Resources and Activities

Free Resources and Activities

The following resources may be useful as supplemental student-driven learning activities supporting your curriculum.

  • Clinical Dialogue and eCase Challenge Library – This popular video-based series explores a variety of clinical and patient management topics featuring leading experts providing the latest patient management guidelines.
  • Diabetes Leadership Edge: Advancing PA Leadership in the Management of Type 2 Diabetes – A self-paced curriculum featuring six interactive modules on how to treat the disease and lead a diabetes care team. Self-assessment activities are included as well as two JAAPA post-tests. Successful completion of the modules will earn certificates of completion.
  • Preventing Prescription Opioid Misuse: Preparing Future Prescribers Through Education” – Pre-prescriber seminar on preventing the misuse and abuse of prescription opioids in future practice. This one- to two-hour lecture can also feature interactive learning activities.
  • Learning Central is AAPA’s hub for hundreds of different online learning activities on a range of different topics. Many activities are available for free for AAPA members, though some have a small fee.
  • Obesity Leadership Edge: A PA-Driven Chronic Care Model for the Management of Overweight and Obesity: Self-Assessment – A self-paced curriculum featuring seven interactive modules on the treatment of overweight and obesity. Self-assessment activities are included. Successful completion of modules will earn a certificate.
  • PA Foundation’s Substance Use Disorder Guide for Students – Pre-recorded lectures and learning from the live PA Foundation event held at AAPA 2019 featuring five videos. Students can test their comprehension with an optional quiz at the end of most videos. There are also additional resources on SUD prevention, treatment, and recovery, as well as profiles of PAs working in SUD practice.
  • PA Program Portal includes a number of classroom tools, ready-made PowerPoint presentations, clinical tools, and downloadable fact sheets about the PA profession.
  • PA Students: Demonstrating PA Value – Your students will learn to effectively illustrate their value to employers and others with this presentation.
  • PA Students: Navigating PA Reimbursement – Prepare your students for practice with this overview of healthcare billing and reimbursement.
  • PA Students: PA Practice Considerations – Ensure your students fully understand PA scope of practice, federal legislation, regulations, healthcare fraud and abuse, and CMS policies affecting PA practice.
  • Rosh Review is offering distance learning tools for PAs — question banks, assessments, and program dashboards — free of charge to all PA programs who need distance learning tools for 30 days. This includes online access to Pre-PA student, didactic and clinical year content for both faculty and students. Contact [email protected] for access. *Note: Rosh Review has an ongoing business relationship with AAPA and is a sponsor of the National Medical Challenge Bowl.
  • Vital Minds Podcast – Vital Minds is the PA Foundation’s podcast. Each episode features a conversation between host James Millward, an early career PA, and a guest expert on a topic of relevance to the PA and healthcare provider audience, ranging from mental health and obesity to pain management and more. There are 14 episodes available, with new episodes being released regularly.