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Contacts and Contracts

AAPA’s ultimate step-by-step career handbook is intended for experienced PAs. Free to AAPA members, it provides detailed guidance on career advancement, contract negotiations, independent contracting, and more.

Career Companion

Career Companion, the must-have guide for students and new PAs, is recently revised! Free to AAPA members, it will prepare you for certification, licensure and your first PA job.

Resumes and CVs

A résumé or curriculum vitae (CV) is your opportunity to impress potential employers. Here are some tips and templates for your resume or CV.

Gathering the Numbers You Need: Contract Negotiation

PA Natalie Warmuth of Chicago shares her story about the importance of gathering the numbers you need before sitting down to the negotiating table.


Work your network to find your next job. We can help you connect with PAs and employers.

Getting the Most out of your Benefits Package

This article covers ways of using the in-depth benefits data uniquely offered by AAPA to make the most of your contract negotiation.

Interviewing and Contracts Basics

Use these resources to help you get ready for interviewing and contract negotiations.

Your Career Needs a Coach

See what PAs are saying about how PA Career Coach helped them navigate the employment process.


Effective Career Navigation Starts With Self-Assessment

One of the great, unique attributes of the PA profession is its breadth of career possibilities. At the same time, the very multitude of career paths open to PAs can pose a challenge.

Career Advancement

Being familiar with the following topics will help you handle career transitions.

About Contracts

Learn the parts of a contract and what essential topics all contracts should cover.