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Surviving and Thriving in Your Clinical Rotations

Get an overview of helpful tips and pearls of wisdom for students entering the clinical phase of their education. Learn how to study during clinicals, how to elicit and act on feedback, and ultimately maximize the clinical experience.

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Drinking From a Fire Hydrant: How to Study Effectively in PA School

By focusing on the finish line from the very start, developing strong personalized study skills, and maintaining a willingness to adapt, students will learn how to feel confident on test day through both didactic and clinical years.

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Missing Out Because You Aren’t LinkedIn

Don’t overlook the importance of a professional profile on LinkedIn while you are a PA student.

Diana Anderson

The Ups and Downs of My First Year as a PA

When Diana Anderson, PA-C, graduated from her PA program, she landed an exciting job in urgent care. But her first months of practice were filled with unexpected events. She candidly shares the ups and downs of her first year as a PA.

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Beating Burnout and the Viability of Locum Tenens as a Solution

Thomas Massing, a Locums Tenens PA, and Mike Freeman, a dedicated staffing professional, will share with you what causes burnout among PAs and how locums can be a viable solution and how to capitalize on this opportunity.

Alyssa Zantello

PAs on the Front Lines: Alyssa Zantello Helps New York City During COVID-19

As the COVID-19 surge began in the U.S., Alyssa Zantello, PA-C, who practices orthopaedics in Michigan, found she couldn’t sit at home and do nothing. Forty eight hours after a conversation with her mentor, she was on a plane to New York City.

PA School Interviews 101

In this one-hour webinar, learn what it takes to get into PA school and how to make yourself a more competitive applicant.

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Getting Hired for Your First PA Job: Secrets From a PA Employer

Come hear tips and tricks as you prepare for the PANCE. From study hints to day-of pointers, this session is for all the test takers… the cautiously optimistic, the nervous wrecks, and all those in between.