Leadership Opportunities

Distinguish yourself with one of AAPA’s leadership opportunities and learn about PA-practice innovators.

International Practice

Practicing abroad is a great way to enhance your experience as a PA – both professionally and personally. But international practice requires more preparation than practicing in the U.S. 

Planning a Break

Learn how to leave and reenter practice. A break always works better with a plan. 

Changing Specialties

Learn about the educational resources that are available to help you switch from one specialty to another. 

Changing Jobs

Use this checklist when you are resigning from employment.

CME on Learning Central

Check out an array of CME opportunities, from live CME events, to on-demand CME, to e-learning modules.

Returning to Practice

Prepare for a return to practice after a break with information on licensure and related reentry requirements. 

Volunteer Opportunities

We want your voice to be heard. That’s why we offer a variety of volunteer leadership opportunities that can make an immediate impact on your career.

Now Available

Designed for PAs and those who manage them, the new CHLM and Northeastern University PA Leadership and Management Certificate program focuses on critical competencies like advocacy, measuring workforce productivity, and billing and reimbursement.