PA Administrators

PAs in administration utilize leadership and management competencies above and beyond their clinical skill set to positively affect patient care; they are aspiring or current experts in the business of medicine, revenue cycle management, quality improvement, health information technology, and compliance. AAPA supports PA administrators by offering opportunities to acquire skills and knowledge.

Competencies for PAs in Healthcare Administration

PA administrators should demonstrate competence in all areas of administration, including six domains of competencies: leadership, communication and interprofessional relationships, PA professional practice and advocacy, healthcare environment, business skills and principles, and education and academic development.

The 2023 set of PA administrator competencies serves as guidance for individual PAs, health systems, educators, and others who promote the development of administrative skills.

Explore the competencies, competency domains, and resources to develop administrative skills.

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Resources by Competency Domain

Education and Academic Development

Education and Academic Development


CME & Resources



Volunteer as a PA preceptor

Additional Resources and Activities

Additional Resources and Activities