Project Access

Project Access is a program that was established under the direction of PA Brenda Jasper a member of the Minority Affairs Committee of AAPA.

The program has been a long-standing initiative supported by AAPA and the Physician Assistant Education Association (PAEA) where PAs and PA students visit middle and high schools to talk to historically marginalized minority students about the PA profession. The goal is to introduce the profession and enable students to ask questions while learning that the PA profession is indeed an option in healthcare. The Project Access Toolkit includes step-by-step guidance for conducting a Project Access visit.


23 in 23 by 23

23 in 23 by 23

AAPA reaffirmed its commitment to Project Access at the 2022 AAPA Conference in Indianapolis. The goal is to have 23 Project Access events in at least 23 states by AAPA Conference 2023. We’re asking PAs who visit schools and community organizations to use the QR code(s) on this page to complete short survey(s) about their visits to gather basic data about the success of Project Access.

FAQs About Project Access Visits

FAQs About Project Access Visits

Who can take part in Project Access?
Any PA with a passion for educating underrepresented minority students about the PA profession can set up a Project Access visit with a local school or community organization.

What is involved in a Project Access visit?
Project Access is a PA- and PA student-led effort supported by tools and resources from AAPA and PAEA. You can hold a Project Access event anytime or anywhere. It could be held in your local community middle or high school or at a community event.

How long does a visit take?
A Project Access visit can be completed in an hour or less.

How do I know what to say during my visit?
Use the downloadable Project Access Toolkit and Sample Presentation on this page for step-by-step guidance on reaching out to potential schools and organizations, as well as content that can be used during your presentation.

What can I do after my visit?
Don’t forget to fill out your Project Access surveys so that we can keep track of all visits! About a week after your visit, it’s a good idea to follow up with your contact at the school or organization to thank them for the visit. At this time, you can also invite interested students to visit your workplace or PA program.

A Note About the Profession’s Title Change
The official title of the PA profession is “physician associate.” As the organization representing the PA profession, AAPA has transitioned to the American Academy of Physician Associates.

PAs should continue to use “physician assistant” or “PA” as their official legal title in a professional capacity, particularly in clinical settings and with patients.

Title change implementation is a complex undertaking that will take time to wholly implement. It also involves other national PA organizations (PAEA, NCCPA, and ARC-PA), PA programs, AAPA Constituent Organizations, as well as state and federal governments, regulators, and employers.

Read more about the title change.

Presenter Resources

Presenter Resources

Project Access Toolkit

Sample Project Access Presentation

What is a PA Infographic

Please click here to use the QR code to complete a short survey about your visit to gather basic data about the success of Project Access.