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A chronological list of news and announcements released to the press from AAPA, the national organization that advocates for all PAs.

About the American Academy of PAs

AAPA is the national organization that advocates for all PAs and provides tools to improve PA practice and patient care. Founded in 1968, AAPA represents a profession of more than 115,500 certified PAs across all medical and surgical specialties in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, the U.S. territories, and the uniformed services.

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PA Communications Guide

As the PA profession evolves, so does the language used to talk about it. The explosive growth of the profession, coupled with the continued modernization of PA laws, is rapidly changing the way PAs practice and the language we use to describe what they do. This is a reference guide for how to communicate about the profession in a way that reflects the realities of modern PA practice.


AAPA offers a wealth of opportunities for PAs and the public to connect with each other, the PA profession, healthcare and other news.

What is a PA?

PAs are nationally certified and state licensed to practice medicine. PAs are educated at the graduate level, with nearly all PAs receiving a master’s degree upon graduation from an accredited PA program. PAs are trained to diagnose, treat and prescribe medications and make life saving diagnostic and therapeutic decisions, while working autonomously or in collaboration with other members of the healthcare team.

As trusted healthcare providers, studies have shown that when PAs are able to practice to the full extent of their training and experience, patient access to care increases, hospital readmission rates and lengths of stay decrease, and infection rates go down.