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PA Professional December 2016

This Month's Top Stories

"PAs Providing Care at the Bottom of the World: An Emergency Medicine Adventure in Antarctica"

"Laws + Legislation: 2016 Another Banner Year for the PA Profession at the State Level"

"2016 Salary Report Data on New Grads"  

PA Professional November 2016

This Month's Top Stories

"Preparing PAs to Become Leaders in Diabetes Management"

"Making a Good Transition to a New Specialty or Practice Setting Using the 2016 Salary Report"

"U.S. Coast Guard PAs Aboard the Eagle: Providing Healthcare and Leadership on the High Seas"  

PA Professional October 2016

This Month's Top Stories

"How to Negotiate From a Position of Power: Getting the Most Out of the 2016 AAPA Salary Report"

"Frequently Asked Questions About the AAPA Salary Report"

"The Rising Tide Lifts All Boats: A Trend of PA-Positive Reimbursement Proposals"  

PA Professional September 2016

This Month's Top Stories

"The Robot Will See You Now: PAs, and Robot, Help Bring Expert Care to LTAC Patients"

"MACRA, MIPs and Eligible Clinicians, Oh My!"

"A New Incentive to Log Self-Assessment and PI-CME"  

PA Professional August 2016

This Month's Top Stories

“From the Surgical Suite to an International Stage: PA Competing in the Rio Olympics"

“PA Vision 2020: PAs Learning to Lead, Taking a Place at the Table”

“Professional Practice: Contract Negotiation Tips for Early Career PAs”  

PA Professional June/July 2016

This Month's Top Stories

“WNBA Player Trades in Ball for Stethoscope"

“AAPA’s New Guidelines for State Regulation of PAs”

“How to Mitigate Negative Job References”  

PA Professional May 2016

This Month's Top Stories

“Equipping PAs for Expanded Opportunities in Healthcare"

“Employment References: Tips and Techniques from the PA Career Coach”

“Seeking Harmony in All Applicable State Laws to Clarify PA Scope of Practice”  

PA Professional April 2016

This Month's Top Stories

"Finding the Path, Leading the Way: A DACA Applicant’s Journey to PA School"

"Meaningful Use: Significant Implications for PAs PAs Must Participate in MU Now and Under MIPS"

"AAPA's New Strategic Plan Highlights the Need for PA Value to Be Captured in Data"  

PA Professional March 2016

This Month's Top Stories

"PA Vision 2020: Planning for the Future of the PA Profession"

"Meet the 2016 AAPA Board of Directors General Election Candidates"

"Outside the Clinic: There are Many Options for PAs Beyond Clinical Work"  

PA Professional February 2016

This Month's Top Stories

"Ready to Intervene: Opportunities Are Growing for PAs in Interventional Radiology"

"Advice From the PA Career Coach: Effective and Career-Healthy Contract Negotiation"

"Maintaining Multiple Pathways to Advancement and Career Flexibility"  

PA Professional January 2016

This Month's Top Stories

"From Physician Assistant to PA: AAPA’s Initiative to Use PA as the Profession's Title"

"Retail Clinics: An Opportunity for PAs and NPs to Work Together"

"How to Assess a Job Offer: Tips From the PA Career Coach"  

PA Professional December 2015

This Month's Top Stories

"The Gift of Hands: PA Coordinates Massive Surgical Team for Historic Surgery"

"Community Care Units: PAs Improve Care Access and Reduce ER Transports Through 911 Response Home Visits"

"Nailing the Interview: Exercises and Resources to Help You Get the Most Out of a Job Interview"  

PA Professional November 2015

This Month's Top Stories

"Shared Medical Appointments: A Perfect Fit for PAs"

"New Frontiers in Obesity: AAPA's Obesity Leadership Edge"

"Airman, Educator, Mentor: Maj. Timothy J. Bonjour, U.S. Air Force, DSc, PA-C"  

PA Professional October 2015

This Month's Top Stories

"PAs in Ophthalmology: Opportunities Abound in Non-Traditional Specialty"

"PA Vision 2020: The Marketplace Is Driving Industry Transformation"

"Professional Practice: How to Handle Illegal Questions During a Job Interview"  

PA Professional September 2015

This Month's Top Stories

"PA Parenthood: Balancing Graduate School With Parenting"

"PA Vision 2020: More Patients, More Complex Conditions"

"Laws & Legislation: What to Consider Before You Take a Break From Clinical Practice"  

PA Professional August 2015

Top Stories

"A Day in the Life of a PA in Research"

"PA Vision 2020: Medicine Ain’t What It Used to Be"

"Payment Matters: FAQ for PAs on the Medicare Reform Law"  

PA Professional July 2015

Top Stories

"NASCAR Medicine: In the Fast Lane With PA Bill Heisel"

"PA Vision 2020: It's a Brand New World of Reimbursement"

"Professional Practice: When to Sign A Contract With Your Employer"  

  PA Professional May 2015

Top Stories

"Imagine What's Next for the PA Profession: Experts on What the Future Holds"

"PA Executive Profile: PA Laurie Benton Is Leading By Example"

"Resumes and Cover Letters: A Stepping Stone to a New Position"  

  PA Professional April 2015

Top Stories

"The Balancing Act"

"Lifehack for PAs"

"Positioning the PA Profession in the 114th Congress"  

 PA Pro Thumb 02-15 PA Professional March 2015

Top Stories

"A Guiding Light—Healthcare Educator Follows the PA Path"

"New Year, New Opportunities: Advancing AAPA's Agenda on Capitol Hill"

"Navigating Your Career—Are You Where You Want to Be?"  

 PA Pro Thumb 02-15 PA Professional February 2015

Top Stories

"Care Coordination in Transplant Surgery: PA Turns Transplant Team Service Into Model of Care"

"Medical Diplomats: State Department PAs Keep U.S. Officials, Families Healthy Around the World"

"Professional Practice: Contracting for a Healthy Career-Long"  

January 2015 PA Pro Thumb PA Professional January 2015

Top Stories

"On the Cutting Edge: PAs Excel in Robotic Surgery"

"Patient Engagement and Mobile Technology: Changing the Way Providers and Patients Interact"

"Emerging Technology in Critical Care"  

December PA Pro Thumb PA Professional December 2014

Top Stories

"American Sniper: How a Former Navy SEAL Juggled PA School, Family and a Movie Career"

"PAs in Administration: TV News Reporter Finds her Calling in PA Leadership Role"

"PA Victories: PA Advocacy Broke Down Significant Barriers to Practice in 2014"  

November PA Pro Thumb PA Professional November 2014

Top Stories

"The Fiscal Impact of Quality Reporting"
Ignore Medicare’s Drive for Quality at Your Own Financial Risk

"The Diabetes Leadership Edge Patient Registry"
Taking PAs to the Cloud to Fight Chronic Disease

"Consider Malpractice in Your Career Plan"
Effective Malpractice Protection Requires Career-Long Attention

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