PA Licensure Compact Update: Colorado Becomes Tenth State to Enter PA Compact, Tennessee and Minnesota Aren’t Far Behind

May 20, 2024

Colorado has officially adopted the PA Licensure Compact model legislation, S.B. 24-018, bringing the total of states in the PA Licensure Compact to 10. 

“The Colorado Academy of Physician Associates is so proud of our state in its passing of the licensure compact bill,” said CAPA president Kellie Webber. “We especially want to thank our bill sponsors, our lobbyist, and all those who stepped up to educate lawmakers on the importance of this bill. We look forward to joining our fellow compact states in this groundbreaking feat towards PA modernization in Colorado and continue to strive for the best patient care possible.” 

Additionally, Tennessee’s S.B. 1727 is headed to Gov. Lee for signature. Once the bill is presented to Gov. Lee, he’ll have 10 days to sign the bill. 

Minnesota’s HF 5247 passed before the end of the legislative session which amended an omnibus tax bill and improves the PA practice environment in the state. The bill is now being sent to Gov. Walz.  

Delaware, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Nebraska, Virginia, Oklahoma, and Maine previously have enacted the PA Compact model legislation. 

The compact is now in the process of being operationalized, which will take anywhere from  18 to 24 months which is the typical timeline for occupational licensure compacts.Once operationalized, eligible PAs can then complete a single application to receive a compact privilege (which is equivalent to a license) from each compact state in which they intend to practice. 

Other Pending Legislation 

  • Michigan (H.B. 5117) 
  • New Hampshire (S.B. 486) 
  • New York (S.B. 7711 / A.B. 8172) 
  • North Carolina (S.B. 879/H.B. 1056) 
  • Ohio (S.B. 28) 
  • Rhode Island (H.B. 7083) 
  • Vermont (H.B. 572) 

To learn more about the PA Licensure Compact, visit our page here. 

[AAPA will never stop advocating on behalf of the PA profession. Strengthen the PA voice by becoming a fellow member today!] 

If you would like to advocate for the PA Compact in your state or more information of where your state may be in this process, contact your state chapteror yourAAPA state liaison. 

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