PA Licensure Compact Update: Oklahoma Becomes First State to Enact Compact Following Activation

April 19, 2024

With the recent signing of H.B. 3781/S.B. 1654, Oklahoma is officially the eighth state to enact the PA Licensure Compact model legislation and the first since the compact was activated following the seventh state’s passage.

“We are thrilled to be the eighth state to join the PA compact. Oklahoma ranks in the top five states for health disparities in the nation. By decreasing the lengthy and delayed license application processes, we’ll be better equipped to bring in more qualified providers to care for patients in our state,” said Oklahoma Academy of Physician Associates (OAPA) President Saura Douglas, PA-C. “Likewise, this will decrease barriers to patients receiving the care they desperately need. We are grateful to the Oklahoma legislators for seeing this need and acting upon it.”

Additionally, Maine’s L.D. 2043 is awaiting signature from Gov. Mills, which would make Maine the ninth state to pass compact legislation.

“We are thrilled with the overwhelming bipartisan support L.D. 2043, our PA compact bill, received in the legislature. Special thanks to our Sponsor Kristen Cloutier who took this on for us in a very busy second session of the 131st Maine Legislature,” said Maine Association of Physician Assistants (MEAPA) President Kimberly Caldwell MPAS, PA-C. “We are excited at the prospect of Maine being at the table for the initial meetings of the compact commission.”

Oklahoma joins Delaware, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Nebraska, and Virginia as the states that have enacted the PA Compact model legislation.

The compact is now in the process of being operationalized, which will take anywhere from 18 to 24 months. Once operationalized, eligible PAs can then complete a single application to receive a compact privilege (which is equivalent to a license) from each compact state in which they intend to practice.

Other Pending Legislation

  • Tennessee (H.B. 1862)
  • Colorado (S.B. 24-018)
  • Maine (L.D. 2043)
  • Michigan (H.B. 5117)
  • Minnesota (H.F. 2623 / S.F. 2394)
  • New Hampshire (S.B. 486)
  • New York (S.B. 7711 / A.B. 8172)
  • Ohio (S.B. 28)
  • Rhode Island (H.B. 7083)
  • Vermont (H.B. 572)

To learn more about the PA Licensure Compact, visit our page here.

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If you would like to advocate for the PA Compact in your state or more information of where your state may be in this process, contact your state chapter or your AAPA state liaison.

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