PA Licensure Compact Update: Nebraska’s Bill Signed by Gov. Pillen

One more state needed for activation as Nebraska becomes the sixth state to enact compact

April 3, 2024

One more state to go! With the recent signing of L.B. 1215, Nebraska is officially the sixth state to secure enactment of the PA Licensure Compact model legislation.

“The PA Licensure Compact will be a great asset for all PAs, especially those practicing in Nebraska,” said Nebraska Academy of Physician Assistants (NAPA) legislative chair Bethany Berg.“This will allow PAs to better care for patients across state lines while decreasing administrative time and costs required to obtain additional credentials. Currently, many patients have to travel long distances to obtain care, this compact can help alleviate these issues by allowing providers to provide care across more geographic areas. There are numerous benefits for all PAs and patients with this new legislation and Nebraska is proud to be a part of this process.”

In 2023, three states – Delaware, Utah, and Wisconsin – enacted the PA Compact model legislation. Washington Governor Jay Inslee signed its bill on March 13, followed by West Virginia Governor Jim Justice signing its bill on March 28. After seven states have enacted the compact model legislation, the compact will be activated and begin the process to operationalize the compact and be able to give out privileges to practice.

The process to operationalize the compact will take anywhere from 18 to 24 months. Once operationalized, eligible PAs can then complete a single application to receive a compact privilege (which is equivalent to a license) from each compact state in which they intend to practice.

Other Pending Legislation

  • Tennessee (H.B. 1862)
  • Colorado (S.B. 24-018)
  • Maine (L.D. 2043)
  • Michigan (H.B. 5117)
  • Minnesota (H.F. 2623 / S.F. 2394)
  • New Hampshire (S.B. 486)
  • New York (S.B. 7711 / A.B. 8172)
  • Ohio (S.B. 28)
  • Oklahoma (H.B. 3781/S.B. 1654)
  • Rhode Island (H.B. 7083)
  • Vermont (H.B. 572)
  • Virginia (H.B. 324)

If you would like to advocate for the PA Compact in your state or more information of where your state may be in this process, contact your state chapter or your AAPA state liaison.

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