Oregon Governor Signs Bill Expanding PA Representation on State Medical Board  

PAs gain another seat on State Medical Board 

July 21, 2023

On July 18, 2023 Gov. Tina Kotek signed into law HB 2627, giving PAs in the state more opportunity to actively partake in efforts improving access to quality care in Oregon. AAPA joins the Oregon Society of Physician Assistants (OSPA) in thanking Representative Bobby Levy for her efforts in sponsoring the legislature and advocating on behalf of the PA profession.  

“HB 2627 promotes the mission of Oregon Society of Physician Assistants (OSPA) to advance the PA profession as well as the PA/MD team approach to healthcare by adding another PA to the Oregon Medical Board,” OSPA President Brian Mills, PA-C said. “We are excited that there are now two PA seats on the state’s regulatory board for the practice of medicine to advocate for our profession. OSPA extends thanks to Governor Kotek and all the bill sponsors for their support on this bill.” 

The Oregon Medical Board, which previously included one PA, will now have two as HB 2627 introduces more PA representation when discussing the state’s practice of medicine. The board will be composed of six MDs, two DOs, one DPM; three members of the public who represent  health consumers; and now two PAs. 

While PA representation on the board existed prior to HB 2627, increasing board representation furthers efforts towards an optimal PA practice environment.  

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