CAPA’s Legislation Passed by Colorado State Senate by Vote of 26-8

Colorado PAs Encouraged to Urge Lawmakers for Support as Bill Heads to the State House

March 10, 2023

Following a lengthy floor debate, the Colorado State Senate passed Senate Bill 23-083 on March 8 by a vote of 26-8.

Championed by sponsors Senator Faith Winter and Senator Cleave Simpson, the legislation would modify the relationship between a PA and a physician to allow a PA to enter into a collaborative agreement with a physician. The bill also requires PAs with fewer than 5,000 practice hours to have a supervisory agreement and PAs who change practice areas must have a supervisory agreement for the first 3,000 hours in the new practice area.

“CAPA is thrilled that our bill to modernize PA practice in Colorado passed the Senate,” said Colorado Academy of Physician Assistants (CAPA) President Kellie Lyons, MSPAS, PA-C. “We have worked tirelessly to collaborate with other stakeholders to provide increased access to high-quality care for all Coloradans. We are excited to move forward with this legislation to the House of Representatives!”

AAPA joins the Colorado Academy of PAs (CAPA) in commending the bill sponsors for their efforts to secure House passage of the bill, which will ease burdensome requirements that have prevented PAs like Susanna Storeng from providing care to patients.

“Let’s honor the experience, expertise, and training that PAs have and make sure patients are getting the care they need,” Winter said during the debate.

Simpson underscored the precedent set by several other states who have similar laws currently in place.

“This is the same type of structure that exists in at least 20 other states and the District of Columbia, and I am confident we can provide quality healthcare to constituents across the state,” Simpson said.

The bill now moves to the Colorado House of Representatives for further debate and consideration.

AAPA encourages all PAs in Colorado to get involved in CAPA’s grassroots efforts by emailing your state representatives and asking for their support for SB 83.

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