Iowa State House Overwhelmingly Passes Bill Modernizing PA Practice by a Vote of 90 – 8

HF 424 Removes Mandates for Written Agreements Between PAs, Specific Physician

March 9, 2023

Congratulations to the Iowa Physician Assistant Society (IPAS) for its success in advancing HF 424, a bill that would modernize the state’s practice laws by removing mandates for written agreements between PAs and a specific physician.

On March 7, the Iowa House of Representatives passed HF 424 by a vote of 90 to 8. The bill will now be eligible for consideration in the state Senate in the coming weeks, but a hearing has not yet been scheduled.

If enacted, HF 424 will not only ensure PAs are authorized to provide healthcare services based on their medical education, training, and experience, but it will provide greater flexibility for healthcare teams to collaborate to meet the needs of patients in their community.

“Modernizing Iowa’s practice laws is especially important for the state’s rural and medically underserved communities, which are facing serious healthcare provider shortages,” James Earel, Jr., PA-C, chair of IPAS’ Legislative & Health Policy Committee said.

“More than 40% of Iowa’s PAs work in rural settings, and HF 424 will ensure that PAs can more easily address the healthcare needs of Iowa’s underserved communities.”

AAPA encourages all PAs in Iowa to get involved in IPAS’ grassroots efforts by emailing your state senators and urging them to support HF 424.

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