New Hampshire Eliminates Ratios Through Newly Adopted Rules

State Has Now Achieved 5 of the 6 Key Elements of Modern PA Practice Act

August 26, 2021

The New Hampshire Board of Medicine recently adopted amendments to the PA regulations (Med. 600) that made significant improvements to PA practice in the state. The regulatory changes were the result of hard work by the New Hampshire Society of PAs (NHSPA) and AAPA.

The regulatory changes include:

  • Elimination of ratios;
  • Removal of the requirement that PAs have a supervising physician to receive a license;
  • And elimination of the requirement that PAs have an alternate supervising physician to practice.

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NHSPA made these amendments their top advocacy priority for 2021. These improvements are a major win for PAs and their patients in New Hampshire. Allowing ratios to be determined at the practice level is one of AAPA’s Six Key Elements of a Modern PA Practice Act. With these newly adopted changes, New Hampshire now has five of the six key elements. The regulations went into effect upon adoption on August 4.

As partners in state advocacy, AAPA worked with NHSPA to achieve these regulatory changes. AAPA drafted the amendments, provided technical assistance, research, and submitted comments in support of the changes to the Board of Medicine. For more information on NH Med. 600, please contact Carson Walker, director, AAPA state advocacy and outreach.


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