Connecticut 2021 Legislative Session Ends with Major Wins for PAs and Patients

PAs added to almost 80 areas of state law, authorized to order home health and hospice care

July 20, 2021

Two significant pieces of legislation recently became law in Connecticut thanks to the hard work and determination of the Connecticut Academy of PAs (ConnAPA).

ConnAPA’s top legislative priority in 2021, Public Act No. 21-196, recently became law without signature. The new law adds PAs to almost 80 areas of state law which only previously mentioned physicians and/or nurse practitioners. ConnAPA has been working on this effort since 2018.

Highlights include adding PAs to areas of law pertaining to:

  • Certification, Documentation, or Other Authority Related to Employment
  • Certification or Approval Authority for Insurance Purposes
  • Certification or Documentation of a Patient’s Disability or Health Condition in Other Contexts
  • Other Provisions Extending Authority or Responsibility to PAs
  • Miscellaneous Provisions Adding References to PAs

Public Act No. 21-196 goes into effect October 1.

The second win, Public Act No. 21-121, authorizes PAs and NPs to order home health and hospice care in Connecticut. The law went into effect July 1.

These improvements are a major win for PAs and their patients in Connecticut.

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“We have been working on expanding access to PA-provided care in Connecticut for a number of years,” said ConnAPA President Johanna D’Addario, PA-C. “These wins are a testament to the hard work ConnAPA does on behalf of the PAs and patients they care for in Connecticut.”

As partners in state advocacy, AAPA worked with ConnAPA over the last few years to provide support in their legislative efforts, including providing legislative drafting and technical assistance, research, and letters of support. For more information on Public Acts No. 21-196 or 21-121, please contact Carson Walker, director, AAPA state advocacy and outreach.

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