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September 29, 2021

AAPA 2021 looked different in many ways – there was no in-person exhibit hall, or meet ups with your new PA friends from around the country, or exploring a new city you hadn’t been to before. But some things about AAPA 2021 were the same – a chance to connect with your professional colleagues, networking opportunities, and, of course, first-class CME. If you couldn’t join us for AAPA 2021, we’ve still got you covered. You can now access Conference on Demand 2021 and the top five most popular CME from the event.


  1. Anaphylaxis

Review the 2021 Anaphylaxis Practice Parameters including rapid diagnosis, treatment and follow up care. This session is ideal for Family Practice, Urgent Care/ED and Pediatric PAs. We recognize what is new in the field of anaphylaxis prevention including how high risk infants can have the risk of anaphylaxis to peanut reduced by up to 90%.

  1. Anemia: Too Low, No Go

Anemia is a common finding in primary care, as an estimated 3.5 million people in the U.S. have some form of the disease. It is important for clinicians to understand normal red blood cell and hemoglobin biochemistry, genetics, physiology, and pathology.

  1. Dia-BEAT-it: How to Safely Get Your Patients with Diabetes Moving

Using the American Diabetes Association Position Paper, this session provides PAs with practical tips to safely get patients with prediabetes and diabetes moving. The session reviews unique pathophysiological changes that occur in diabetes that should be considered when discussing exercise with patients. It also discusses barriers to exercise and suggestions on how to overcome them.

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  1. Five Can’t Miss EKG’s

Embark on a day in the clinic seeing five patients together as each mystery unravels. Will you be able to spot the red flags? Will you uncover the high-risk EKG findings that the machine may miss in time to save the patient’s life? This CME covers the essentials to reading EKGs.

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  1. Keynote with ZDogg MD: Rebooting Healthcare

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us how vulnerable we are in a fee-for-service healthcare model where we don’t have a team to help us. In Health 3.0, two things emerge as a necessity: team-based, relationship-driven care where healthcare providers are paid to do the right thing for patients, and providers who practice at the top of their training.

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