West Virginia Association of PAs’ 2021 Legislative Priorities Signed into Law

Mountain State PAs Authorized to Prescribe Three-Day Supply of Schedule II Medications

May 5, 2021

West Virginia PAs are the latest in the country to claim a legislative win this year! On April 21, Gov. Jim Justice signed SB 714, which makes improvements to the PA practice environment in the Mountain State including:

  • Allowing PAs and the collaborating physician to simply file a “practice notification “with the medical board or osteopathic medical board, instead of requiring approval of the PA’s practice agreement;
  • Removing the need for an “alternate collaborating physician” which will streamline PA practice;
  • Eliminating the concept of “advanced duties” and a delegated scope of practice in statute. Under the new law, PAs will practice and perform medical acts commensurate with their education, training, and experience, and which they are competent to perform, consistent with the collaborating physician’s scope of practice and board rules.
  • Authorizing PAs to prescribe a non-refillable three-day supply of Schedule II medications; previously PAs only had Schedule III-V controlled medication prescriptive authority.
  • Requiring PAs be reimbursed at equal rates to other providers who render similar health services by health insurers and health plans operated or paid for by the state.

These updates to the statutes are a victory for the West Virginia Association of PAs (WVAPA and AAPA extends its congratulations to WVAPA for securing these improvements.

“WVAPA is very grateful for the hard work of the PAs and legislators who helped make this bill possible,” said WVAPA President Melissa Jensen, MSPA, PA-C. “We were able to collaborate with our state’s medical boards and associations to help modernize PA practice in the state of West Virginia. This bill will greatly increase access to high-quality, evidence-based healthcare for our patients.”

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AAPA provided WVAPA support throughout the process, such as drafting and reviewing legislative language, supplying in-depth analysis, and conducting research. AAPA will continue to work closely with WVAPA on the adoption of regulations to implement the new law.

“This is a huge win for current and future PAs of West Virginia,” said Nicholas Vance, MS, PA-C, Chair, WVAPA Legislative Committee. “The WVAPA has worked for years trying to improve the practice landscape for PAs and our patients. With passage of SB 714, PAs will have fewer burdens and can focus on the patients who need their time. Gaining more of AAPA’s Six Key Elements of a Modern PA Practice Act will make the state a more attractive place to practice – keeping PAs from our five PA schools in state instead of leaving for less restrictive practice elsewhere. I would like to thank PAs in West Virginia, AAPA, WVAPA’s Legislative Committee, WVAPA Leadership, and our great legislators including Senator Tom Takubo for all the work on this bill.”

The bill will become effective on July 8, 2021. For additional information on SB 714, the full version of the bill is available on the West Virginia Legislature website.

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