University of Washington, Wagner College Receive Top Marks in the 2021 JAAPA Student ePoster Contest

Winning Posters Explore Academic Stress, Vaccine Acceptance, and Cervical Cancer Screenings

May 24, 2021

COVID-19 has changed the healthcare landscape indelibly. These changes are reflected in the research at AAPA 2021. PA and PA student participation in research remained as high as ever this year – with most research exploring one of four major themes: COVID-19; telemedicine; burnout and well-being; and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). You can read each of them and chat with the authors during AAPA 2021.

“I am impressed with the number of high-quality research submissions we received this year, despite the demands on PAs and PA students’ time due to COVID-19, and the earlier-than-normal deadlines,” said AAPA Senior Director of PA & Industry Research and Analysis Noël Smith.

AAPA commends the 72 research teams whose ePosters were accepted this year.  A panel of JAAPA reviewers got a sneak peek at the 36 ePosters developed by student led team. We are excited to announce JAAPA’s selection for the JAAPA Student Poster Award:

  • Academic Stress and Anxiety Related to Online Learning in NYC College Students During COVID-19
    • By Matthew Donovan, PA-S; Gesille Fiallo, PA-S; Kamila Mazitova, PA-S; Olivia Schwartz, PA-S; Jonathan Twiggs, PA-S; Krystian Siek, PA-S; Pauline Papapietro, MS, PA-C (advisor); and Anthony V. D’Antoni, MS, DC, PhD of Wagner College
    • This study explores the relationship between perceived levels of stress among New York City college students learning remotely during COVID-19 and the incidence of anxiety. Our results may allow educators to determine the best course of action for future outbreaks and further the work on decreasing student stress.
  • Barriers to Acceptance of the COVID-19 Vaccine: An Observational Study of Staten Islanders on Medicaid
    • By Daniela M. D’Acunto, PA-S; Rosy R. Azer, PA-S; Lauren E. Joseph, PA-S; Connor M. Lampasona, PA-S; Nicole D. Kopchak, PA-S; Sarah K. Bracker, PA-S; Sophia R. Spengler, PA-S; and Austin H. Epstein, MPAS, PA-C (advisor), of Wagner College
    • This study will investigate the barriers to acceptance of the COVID-19 vaccine in adults aged 18+ who are on Medicaid in Staten Island. The goal is to aid clinicians to better counsel patients about this particular vaccine, as well as the importance of taking preventative measures against COVID-19.
  • Cervical Cancer Screening Via HPV Self-Testing: Is this a Screening Method that Can Be Used to Increase Participation Rates for Rural, US Women?
    • By Nicolette M. Baharie, PA-S, and Jennifer M. Erickson, MPH, PA-C (advisor), of University of Washington
    • Vaginal HPV home self-testing may be a way to decrease cervical cancer screening disparity in the United States due to its accuracy, acceptability, and potential to increase screening rates in under-screened women.

In addition to the JAAPA award, the Association of Postgraduate PA Programs awarded their Poster Award to:

  • Toxicology Education in Emergency Medicine PA Postgraduate Programs
    • By Fred Wu, MHS, PA-C, and Michael Darracq, MD, MPH, of the Department of Emergency Medicine; University of California, San Francisco.
    • Over the past decade, there has been significant expansion in postgraduate educational opportunities for PAs in emergency medicine. These programs are not standardized and may vary regarding toxicology education. Programs will be surveyed to determine the extent of their toxicology education.

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With so much exceptional research this year, be sure to check out all of the 2021 ePoster submissions at AAPA 2021! The ePosters will be posted on the AAPA Research page in the Summer of 2021.

We’ve highlighted a few ePosters that may be of particular interest but be sure to check out the full list before AAPA 2021 ends!

Noel Smith is AAPA’s senior director of PA and industry research analysis. Contact Noel at [email protected].

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